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The Value Of Helpful Friends In Your Feng Shui Life Article

When I began to study Feng Shui I quickly realised how I was to become my own best case study in changing my life, before I could consider becoming a professional and working as a catalyst to help others transform their lives too. One of my early wake up moments was realising the importance of the "Helpful Friends" sector in the Feng Shui Bagua energy grid in my own home. The ground floor plan was an irregular shape and the "Helpful Friends" space was missing. It was an outside space and in my ignorance the dustbins were stored there together with any rubbish waiting to go to the skip, the car was parked there and it was a very untidy and unloved area. The lounge was "L" shaped too with the same sector missing, which magnified the effect. Combining this with my choice of unsupportive artwork I had gathered across time, which reflected who I was, where I'd been, and also where I was in my subconscious mind, is it any wonder my life was completely out of balance and harmony? I look back and understand how all of this contributed to me being completely out of the flow in life, as on reflection I always seemed to be swimming against the current, coming across obstacles and trying harder without achieving recognition and reward.

Fortunately for me I quickly learned enough to completely change the balance of my home and integrated this Bagua energy grid sector as a priority. Firstly I did a MASSIVE clutter clear and released a room full of items from my past that no longer served me. I also considered the hidden messages in my artwork and realised what I had invited into my life through the power of my subconscious mind! I then released about 80% of that too, together with a collection of dusty old dried flowers I had displayed for far too long, broken and/or chipped items, and anything unfinished too!! I can honestly and fortunately say my life began to change instantly. I began to be extremely discerning with any new items I bought into my home as I focused on this sector and bought my life back into balance and harmony. This also helped my cash flow too as I stepped out of my old spontaneous buying mode into choosing to make more purposeful investments. Initially I chose some very good artwork images printed on postcards and greeting cards, as by now I realised the power of intention is not related to size. However over time I have been able to choose and invest in some very meaningful and beautiful art which is an important part of my life. I often recommend Louise Braithwaite's artwork to anyone who wishes to magnify the Helpful Friends energy in their home, as she produces a range of affordable prints and greetings cards of people having fun together in fabulous places (see

As we go through life we meet countless numbers of people, and sometimes it's as is they've always been a part of our lives and know us already. Occasionally relationships change for various reasons, especially in our younger years when we are emotionally immature and our conditioning and perspective in life can lead us to create unhappy communications and parting of the ways. When we do let go of connections that no longer serve us this can create space for new people to come into our lives and the gift of a new refreshing circle of friends.

Our relationships with our closest friends are priceless and there is an old saying; "A friends in need is a friend indeed"! This really does come to the fore when we experience times in life and need emotional help and support. It's then that you know those closest to your Heart will support and nurture you, listen and say the perfect words to help you cope and heal a situation.

I have sometimes asked a young person; "How much do you have to pay for a friend?" Of course they look at me and say; "You CAN'T pay for a friend!!". Our best friendships are priceless and come with a 2 way mutual support system. I work on the basis of whatever we give out in our world comes back to us in unlimited ways, and LOVE is the answer to fuel and ease The Way in life. Personally I feel extremely blessed these days to have an incredible number of friendships from all walks of my life, and am permanently bathed in a circle of love and support, for which my gratitude has no measure. I have a very close circle of personal friendships in whom I can confide on a very deep level and we learn and grow together. I have like minded friends who I see from time to time and we have fun and reflect on nostalgic and magical times. There are those who I have worked with on various projects who become part of a temporary happy friendship family circle and we reunite for other similar occasions.

Some people are naturally great networkers and always know someone who can help them with their next goal in life. I was with a client recently and we were discussing the value of "Helpful Friends" in our lives. He considers that he is blessed to have a wonderful collection of friends who he can call on to help with many different projects in all areas of life at work, rest and play.

We learn through the power of love and emotion in our everyday and I encourage you to remember whatever we give with love and unconditionally comes back to us in unlimited ways, and often it is not from who or where you would think. Smiling is the simplest way to make a friend and light up someones day. Keep sharing your love, treasure and nurture all your beautiful friendships on every level, and I wish you the gift of wonderful, warm, trusted, honest and loyal friendship circles. Be blessed with an abundance of fun and keep passing the love around.

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