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House Plants As Another Feng Shui Mirror In Your Home Article

One of my very lovely long term client's moved to a beautiful new home during May 2016. As is often the case I was invited to do a full Feng Shui consultation for this new home as soon as possible, to ensure she was guided to make the most of the potential of her new living space, and at the same time have a review of her aims and intentions. As we were looking around her garden I spotted an orchid plant which had obviously been abandoned by the previous occupant. As I have a great affinity with plants I immediately picked it up and suggested it needed to be cherished and taken inside. My client was very busy at the time and didn't feel she could give it the attention it required to return to full glowing beauty, and suggested I take it home and look after it myself, which I was more than happy to do. At home I placed the plant in recovery and gave it a trim and some love, and as much time as it needed to recover, and it did perk up fairly quickly.

Over the years I have collected a number of beautiful orchids and have been rewarded every year with magnificent displays of colourful exquisite flowers. When the plants are not in flower I place them on a window ledge in the North East area of my home where they are bathed in morning sunlight. In nature they live in super warm shady places and are regularly showered briefly with rain then dry out in a moist and humid atmosphere. I don't water these plants very much, but I do have a look at them most days and see how they are coming along. Earlier this year I began to see this particular orchid grow a new stem fairly quickly. During May as the flowers began to bloom I gave the orchid pride of place in my lounge on the front room window ledge where it could display it's beauty (see photo dated 21.5.2017).
I don't take many photographs but I was inspired to follow the progress of this particular plant (see 25.6.2017 and 21.10.2017). During June and July the number of flowers peaked at 32, and only in mid September did it began to shed a few blooms. Even now in October and moving into November it still has 8 beautiful blooms and even these look like they will stay for another few of weeks. So my reward for giving this plant some space in my home has been 8 months of pleasure in experiencing nature's beauty. How lucky am I?

On a sadder note another of my long term clients was going through a stressful time and asked me to visit to reassess her home. As I was leaving she asked me to take a money plant that was looking extremely sad and distressed, and really out of sorts (which of course was a mirror of my client at that time), and in fact I wasn't sure it would survive ... However, when I got home I re-potted and encouraged it and it seems to be improving a little everyday now, so I trust it will make a full recover and begin to flourish again very soon.

The situation in this small one bedroomed cottage was that my client had moved in during November 2016 and painted the interior "g r e y", which is a colour linked to depression and grey days, and sadly has recently become a fashionable trend. As Consultant members we have discussed this subject with concern at Feng Shui Society meetings and shared many similar circumstances and experiences. Sadly this is what had happened to my client as the constant grey cave she had created had affected her joie de vivre. On my first visit in November 2016 I suggested she at least paint her home white which is symbolic of new beginnings, and invite splashes of colour. Sadly she hadn't taken this advice, and over time had become increasingly scattered, unfocused and irritated. When I visited again towards the end of September 2017, I reminded her of the possible effect of her grey colour scheme. We also repositioned some of her pictures to rebalance the energy in her home. A week later she had really turned a corner and joyfully told me she had purchased a beautiful colourful picture of fish in a pond for her "Wealth and Blessings" area, and had her walls painted white. I was so very relieved as now she could be greeted with lightness and a smile again when she entered her home.

am blessed in my own home to have some beautiful thriving plants inside, and a vibrant, interesting and colourful garden outside too. As we already know living healthy plants and flowers are really good Feng Shui as they can energise your space and reflect growth and expansion. Their health and appearance are also a very good mirror as a measure of the energy of your home and yourself too, and can thrive with tender loving care, as do you. Round leaved plants are best.

Ensure that they are all well looked after and healthy, and re-pot them when required so they have room to grow, and do not overwater or underwater them. Take some time to become attuned to your plants as well and feel what care and attention they need to thrive, as they are another mirror of you in your home. Remember as you look after them as a reflection and part of yourself, you are looking after yourself too.

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