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Predecessor Energy and Choosing Business Premises Article

We have all passed buildings and noticed new businesses begin trading, then close again soon after, thereby creating a repetitive historical pattern whereby the same event repeats itself again and again.

This had been the case in one of my earliest business consultations where a partnership had bought premises as a retirement investment, prior to considering the Feng Shui implications of the building. When I met my client my first question was "What happened to the previous business?" Alarm bells had already begun to ring loudly in my ears as I had realised the "Wealth and Blessings" sector of the Feng Shui Bagua energy grid within the building was missing. She then shared that the previous occupant had gone bankrupt. Another giveaway was this missing space was full of all the rubbish the previous occupant had left behind!!

By using space clearing techniques and introducing the principles of Feng Shui I was able to cleanse the building and help seed a new and positive future, and advise my client of positive and proactive actions to introduce for the future. I strongly recommended this missing space be cleared as a priority, and to avoid keeping any rubbish and/or storage in this space in the future. I suggested completely transforming the space and creating an attractive patio area and introducing a table and chairs for staff breaks, and also pair up ceramic pots and fill them with an abundance of seasonal flowering plants to help keep the space fresh and energised, and represent growth, abundance and staff unity as Together Everyone Achieves Miracles (TEAM). I also suggested adding a small water feature with water flowing back towards the building, symbolic of circulating wealth returning to the business. Throughout the interior of the building I helped my client choose a number of appropriate artworks, and I also suggested she hang a multifaceted glass crystal in one particular window adjoining this new patio, and place a small decorative mirror on the other adjoining wall to help bring in the missing space. This business continues to thrive today.

Years ago near where I live there was an old business premises on the A1 that had been closed down and boarded up for years. I remember it had been used as a pub, and ultimately a "Little Chef". I had already taken it upon myself to shower thoughts of love and healing in this area as an aid to clear the old historical energy affecting road traffic. I found every time I passed this specific building I sent it huge and magnified levels of pure unconditional love. It was completely transformed a few years ago and is now a thriving business premises in the perfect place for the product, and also there was a group of similar styled new properties created nearby during the renovation of the site.

At the moment in one of my local villages there is an old stone building that in all the time I have lived here I have seen business after business begin, and then fade away. Initially I remember it as a pub, then a number of restaurants, and more recently a children's nursery. As I passed this space the other day I sent out thoughts of love and healing and wondered what kind of business would thrive in the space. Only time will tell?

Wherever I go the space tells me everything. There is a wonderful french cafe in Wilmslow which I have occasionally had reason to visit, and it is full of a style of black and white photographs of lots of people eating and drinking together and having fun. It has a wonderful energy and atmosphere, the staff are always overly helpful and charming, and of course it's always full and overflowing with happy people who regularly love to visit this space for their meetings and refreshments. I'm sure if more business owners realised the power of the subconscious mind in relation to artwork displayed, they could make some great choices and increase their clientele, and therefore their turnover and profits.

Investing in business premises is a massive decision and you can really help yourself by looking at everything at a deeper level than face value and setting out with focused intention to succeed. Having an awareness of Feng Shui is one of the ways you can help yourself to take a calculated risk towards your golden future. We can all make a difference by generating as much love and healing wherever we are by creating positively high vibrational thoughts, and leaving a "Love trail" with every step we take, and every mile we travel as we project pure and beautiful energy towards our homes, hospitals, schools, parks, factories, business premises, railways and motorways - there are no limits. We can all create massive change over time, and each and every person can make a difference, so I encourage you to keep spreading and sharing the beautiful energy of pure unconditional LOVE from your Heart to our world today, and wish you an abundance of good luck with all your future plans and projects.

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