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Relaunch Your Business with Feng Shui Article

Why introduce Feng Shui into your business?

I first learned about the philosophy of Feng Shui in 1993 when I was visiting a friend who was living in Bangkok, so my very first story was business related.  He had been working in an office in Malaysia, which had been experiencing lack of profits, loss of clients, and business and deals continually generating problems and going wrong. My friend is a very scientific western male, and quite surprised when introduced to the Feng Shui Master, but accepted that when living in another culture and unable to speak the language, it is wise to accept ideas and go with the flow. The Master recommended the entrance doors to the building be re-hung to allow the energy to flow into the building more easily. He also relocated the Managing Director and based him in a different office, which I now presume positioned him in his area for Prosperity facing his most Prosperous direction. There were also a few other subtle changes and recommendations. Very soon after this visit the office turned itself round and has continued to do well ever since.

In business we recognise the powerful effects that Feng Shui can have within the working environment to help:

Improve harmony and good communication between staff and clients

Promote good TEAM work (Together Everyone Achieves More)

Reduce staff sickness

Create greater productivity leading to higher profits and opportunities for expansion

As an aid to help focus on a positive environment and attitude and embrace an easier way for your everyday

The literal translation of "Feng Shui" is "Wind Water". These are the two most powerful forces in nature and the fundamental elements of life. By introducing this theory and philosophy into our way of life, we are working with the natural elements within our environment, and sometimes the energy that we cannot physically see, to bring balance and harmony into our lives. Some describe it as the art of placement and manifesting prosperity. In my experience working with Feng Shui gives us the gift of a powerful tool of transformation. When staff are comfortable within their working environment they will be more productive. By going with the natural flow of energy we can make life easier for everyone.

The use of Feng Shui's Bagua energy grid in your workplace

The Bagua is a pattern of energy used in Feng Shui. The more you key into it the more supported your life becomes. Use it holographically in your home and office, and on your office desk, business cards and stationery and/or presentation table. This can especially help if the room you work in is an irregular shape and you have what is termed as "missing space". For instance, one person worked in a room with an angled wall, which gave "missing space" in the "Helpful Friends" sector, which I believe to be very important. The person who worked in this room experienced many conflicts with others within their working circle. Eventually they were made redundant.

Look at where and how you sit

In this work I see again and again the coincidences of experiences based on where and how people sit. For example, when a desk was positioned in the direct flow of a door that was used very often. Whoever sat at that desk was not with the company much longer for various reasons!  Another instance is of a person who joined a new company. His desk was situated at the end of a corridor with his back towards the oncoming "energy".  He therefore had no support or stability whilst seated in this position.  This became apparent with the lack of planning that accompanied his working life, as he was often being sent on a day trip to Europe within an hours notice, or to the USA the next day. I discussed his situation with him and recommended another more supported position. As soon as he moved he began to have a lot more planning within his job situation and schedule. Amazingly enough the next person who sat at his original desk experienced the same circumstances.

Ideally position yourself with a solid wall behind you as this gives you increased protection and security. However, in open plan offices this is not always possible.  Using partition screens can help. If you can also face your lucky direction this is a double bonus. It is best to use a supportive office chair with a good solid back and arms. It is also good to have curved or round shaped desks or tables to encourage communication and help avoid any discomfort with what is called "cutting chi" created from furniture with sharp corners.  In any meetings it is always preferred to sit yourself in a non confrontational position.  You can also key into a "Ming Kua" direction for each person, which is their lucky directions based on their date of birth.

Entrance and reception areas

Another good Feng Shui tip is to take a very critical look at your entrance door and reception area. This is the first face the outside world sees of your company. It needs to be well marked and inviting so the postman and your clients can find you, if not, the consequences are other opportunities may not find you easily either!  If it's practical it's great to have ceramic pots placed either side of your entrance filled with an abundance of seasonal flowering plants. This will help to welcome energy and opportunities into your business and building. Avoid using a door mat with the name of your business as the design, as the symbolism of this is people will be always wiping their dirty feet on your good name!  Also, look at the layout of your office or shop and see how the energy is flowing. Energy is like a very active toddler. It rushes in and then meanders around. Make sure the energy flows easily and do not over furnish spaces. If energy does flow too quickly you can start to control it by using some stabilising features such as plants.  Round leafed healthy plants are very beneficial, as they are symbolic of growth and abundance, they help to keep the air and atmosphere clean and healthy, and they also help to anchor energy.  However, someone in the workplace needs to take responsibility to ensure the plants are continuously nurtured. Fresh flowers are very good, especially placed on the Reception desk as a good and welcoming "energy" to help create a fresh environment. Dried flowers are already dead, so these do not enhance energy. It is extremely important to make this space attractive and welcoming, so ensure it is kept tidy and avoid keeping storage in this space.

Less is more

Enjoy a clear desk policy to encourage a fresh start to every day and implement your intention to work with focus, clearness and clarity to ensure you invite efficiency and effectiveness in all that you do. Alternatively if you start work with a desk full of papers this can lead to mental clutter, and therefore confusion, irritation and lack of concentration. Also empty rubbish daily to ensure you are not surrounded by old and stagnant energy. It's always good practice to periodically clear out old files and make way for a new client base.  With storage cupboards choose units with doors that close to give a tidier appearance. Also, realise that when people are surrounded by high levels of files and storage this can sometimes lead to feelings of being overwhelmed by their workload.


Mirrors are very powerful and magnify whatever they reflect, and this includes whatever we can and cannot see. They are very good in shops or pubs, where they reflect the till and the number of clients who visit your premises, and therefore magnify your income. They are not good in offices where they magnify the paperwork but not necessarily the profits. They will also magnify the effects of any draining energy which we cannot see, such as geopathic stress and other negative energies which may be affecting the property. Earth healing and space clearing techniques can be used by a professional to cleanse and revitalises the space, and introduce new energies and sow your positive seeds for the future.

Company Logos and positive messages

It is important to look at logos and signatures along with the energies of Feng Shui. A good logo has balance, is attractive, distinctive and sets you apart from everyone else. Designs are better taking your eye up and into the future, such as the Nike and Virgin logos which are both very good examples of this positive pattern. We can also incorporate the use of Feng Shui on stationery, business cards and brochures to help keep the energies in balance.   Less information is more on business cards, so keep it simple and use it for providing the basic information of your phone number and address.  Your brochure can have more detailed information. It is always interesting to look at your own signature and the symbolism of how you sign your name as this is another mirror of you.

Creating a supportive company slogan can also be extremely helpful, as described in the following examples. One of my client's runs a cattery and pet supplies business and uses the words "Happy pets make happy people" to help promote the business. Apparently the word Happy comes from a Celtic word "happ" which means blessing, therefore every time the words are used it creates a double blessing for this company. They are also easy to say as they roll off the tongue. Another client who runs a garage business and converts cars for disabled people uses the words "We make life easy". This again has proved very helpful as the basis for promoting his work using the power of the subconscious mind combined with positive thinking, both with his own creative inspiration to find solutions to the individual needs of the client, and also initiating the thought that help is at hand for his customers, leading to satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation from his client base.

If you are creating a new business ensure you use positive words and think through the meaning and intention of the title, as this is leading your way to success and will be with you for a long time.

The use of colours in your Feng Shui environment

The use of colour is very important to bring energy and vibrancy into the working environment. Each colour has it's own energy, for instance yellow is good for communication and social harmony. You can also support your own individual character with your choice of colour for clothes and corporate artwork and designs when you look at your 9 Star Ki Astrology chart in considering the general energetic association that is connected with each shade.

Geopathic stress, electro magnectic fields and other invisible energies

Be aware of disruptive energies within your working environment, as staff can be very sensitive to geopathic stress and other disturbed earth energies, which can cause disruption and illness. This energy can be released and re-balanced by a professional. It is very important to do this prior to introducing any Feng Shui cures, otherwise this can exacerbate problems before you start.  Also, electro magnetic fields which radiate from computers and other electrical equipment can be very disruptive to health and performance. On a small scale we can introduce crystals such as rose quartz, tourmaline, or amethyst to help soak up this draining energy. On a larger scale you may consider introducing other equipment such as Raditech or Helios machinery to help deflect these effects.

Traditional Chinese cures

If you are drawn to use these I have experienced good results with people using a triple set of Chinese coins placed on cash tills, diaries and in purses and wallets. A publican placed some of these coins on his till when his business was really poor, and turned his business round very quickly. A Therapist I know placed some of these coins on her diary and removed them when she felt she had so much work she could not cope. The consequences were she had five bookings cancelled within an hour. I have known the 3 legged toad of wealth to work well for people too.  However, you must remember to take the coin out of his mouth overnight so he does not get too full, and leave some room for the next day's harvest. Personally I avoid the use of Bagua mirrors. So beware with your choices and see what happens when you have introduced them into your environment.

The Power of your Intention

There is a lovely saying "Where intention goes energy flows". In my experience a huge part of working with the powerful effects of Feng Shui is working with intent. Allow yourself to have a life review based on the use of the Bagua energy grid, decide on your aims and cement your intention by writing them down and signing and dating the document. Your Feng Shui choice of placement is an extremely powerful reminder to the sub-conscious mind to help you focus and strive towards achieving your unlimited potential.

Why work with Feng Shui in the 21st Century?

Although this philosophy is thousands of years old we can use it today to bring balance, harmony and support into our daily lives. A lot of good Feng Shui is down to common sense, good design and maintenance. It is also important to listen to your intuition and follow your gut feeling as this is often right.  For me, I need to walk my talk. Since I first started using Feng Shui my life has changed totally. So much so I cannot recognise the person who used to walk in my shoes. My transformation has been so total, from a caterpillar to a butterfly, a mouse to a lion. I continue to enjoy the great pleasure to work with many people from all walks of life, and see each of them embrace positive changes in their lives and develop their potential, which is a continual motivation and inspiration to me to evolve my work further, always increasing my learning through watching these experiences. My gratitude to each and every person goes beyond measure.

If you want to stay as you are, do as you've always done. I challenge you to embrace this path of freedom of the heart, change your life and recognise your unlimited potential. Using the principles of Feng Shui can open many doors for you and introduce you to a whole new life. I only recommend the use of Feng Shui as a catalyst for change and positive transformation!

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