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The Symbolism Of Water and Fish In Feng Shui Article

One of the very first messages Feng Shui gave me was that the symbolism of water reflects wealth, and fish magnify abundance in life. This symbolism has shown itself many times during my home consultations, as anyone who has chosen to have images of fish in their pictures, ornaments and mobiles are always blessed with abundance in life.

One of my first professional experiences which brought this theory to life, was when I worked with a very wealthy lady who had numerous attractive ornamental fish around her home. In her bathroom there was a large wooden fish mobile with about 80 colourful fish dancing around. My eyes lit up and I suggested this was a wonderful piece for the Wealth and Blessings area of her home, as in the bathroom the energy of wealth and abundance goes down the drain! At which point she said she had only recently moved the mobile into this space. When I asked what had happened after the fish moved, she said their home was burgled! So of course these lovely fish returned to their happy place in the Wealth and Blessings area, where they also acted as guardians of the property, and needless to say harmony and feelings of security returned to her home.

When I began to study Feng Shui I realised in my own home that as the ground floor plan is irregular in shape, there was missing space in the Wealth and Blessings, the Fame and Recognition and Helpful Friends areas. Fortunately intuition had already saved the day for my Wealth and Blessings in the creation of a fish pond with a number of happy, healthy goldfish, and a water feature that flowed in the direction back towards my home, symbolic of circulating wealth.

I have seen a number of massive ornamental ponds and the water shoots away from the direction of the home. This a reflection of what happens to the money in the household; it come in but goes out quicker.
Another client created a fish pond in his Wealth and Blessings area and has been blessed with a very successful career. He shared this beautiful photograph taken at the height of one summer.

During one of my recent consultations my client had invested in advance of my visit a beautiful bright and colourful picture of fish. However during her DIY Feng Shui she had placed the piece of art in her bathroom, where energy of abundance drains away. As soon as I saw the picture we moved the artwork out of the bathroom and placed it on the adjoining dining room wall. This was still in the Wealth and Blessings area, and also a power point in her home as everyone saw this uplifting piece of art several times during the day and magnified their feel good factor and flow in life.
recently gave one of my "Come and Learn About Feng Shui" workshops and within the group three of the ladies had attended this course previously, and just wanted to remind themselves how to use the principles of Feng Shui in their home and enjoy a happy day out with like minded people. Years ago one of these ladies had created a beautiful watercolour art of two koi fish, and as I was sharing my examples of good artwork she was a little shy when she realised I was showing her picture. However since she painted that image she has a very successful business and owns her own home, so her personal intention was imbued into her art as a reminder in her everyday.
A couple of days before this workshop, my Webmaster (who is also an artist) and I had a meeting. She generously gifted me a print of her latest creation, which is a colourful piece of artwork of koi (see attached picture). For more information about this piece you can go to this link on her website: Needless to say this piece now proudly sits in it's own wooden frame in my Wealth and Blessings area, and I have a lovely smile on my face when I see it as I know it was created and given with love.

Ideally the element of Water is best placed in the Career, Ancestors and Wealth areas. I have on many occasions recommended a pond or water feature be removed from the Fire area of Fame and Recognition as symbolically Water puts out Fire, and therefore reflects a lack of recognition in life for all your efforts and hard work.
One of my clients husband's had created a massive two tier pond in the Relationships area of their garden with some huge garden ornaments of single semi naked ladies looking alone, lost and miserable. Her husband left her soon afterwards ... From an elemental aspect water drains the soft earth (equivalent to sand) in the Relationships sector, and the symbolism said it all. Needless to say I recommended it was removed, although too late to save their relationship. There was also too much water around the plot as there was quite a huge dyke running beside it on the opposite side of the garden. This story is a good reminder that it's really important to keep your home in balance.

A good thought as an affirmation for your "Wealth and Blessings" in life is; "I'm a cash magnet, living in the fountain of wealth, with a millionaire mind", so try this and see if it works for you?

I trust these real life circumstances will help you look through your Feng Shui eyes around your own home and see where you can improve your choices and placement. I wish you good luck and abundance in all of your life aspirations.

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