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The Art Of Gratitude Article

I am so very lucky to be able to look back over the last few years in absolute joy and wonderment of all the experiences I have shared, which have ultimately led me to cultivate a very deep level of inner peace and joy. In my everyday I am fed by the brightness of spontaneity and creativity in all that I do and the joyful and positive conversations shared, and live in thanks and gratitude for all my blessings. Life has shown me that as I flow with the gift of humbleness and gratitude in my every moment of every day, the swell of this vibration magnifies along with the feel good factor. The more I consciously work with gratitude in my life and the more thankful I am for everything, then the more abundance flows to me on every level, as whatever we give with love, thanks and gratitude comes back to us in unlimited ways.

I am at a point in my life where I believe that gratitude is an attitude that is cultivated over time and experience, and as we embrace the gift of life we learn through the power of love and emotion. On reflection every child is born perfectly into the world and from the age of 0 to 10 we are like thirsty sponges and in a state of enquiry where everything is urgent and we constantly ask the questions; what, where, when, who and why? This formative part of our years plays an extremely huge part in building our personality and behaviour and we often imitate those who influence our lives the most. From the age of 10 to 20 we know it all and start to rebel. From 20 to 30 we're still rebelling but are not quite sure why any more and we begin to think a little deeper about the meaning of life. As we move into our 40's and 50's we begin to realise who we really are and ask those quantum questions to which we may never know the answer, and a lot of people make huge transformative decisions and completely change their lives during this time. Some of my days have pushed me SO far out of my comfort zone, and I have learned to honour and love them all as every situation has given me an education I could never have paid for. We all have the opportunity to learn in a holographic way by reading books, experiencing workshops, watching films and exchanging stories and experiences with friends. As we accelerate our learning, knowledge, wisdom and experience, our magical gift of life is carrying our understanding and enlightenment and putting it all into action, and as wisdom is knowledge in action, we can create a fulfilling life which overflows with inspiration, creativity, satisfaction and reward as we sow and grow the seeds of LOVE wherever we travel.

Gratitude is now an automatic part of my subconscious mind. I continue to work with thanks as I wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night, and simply say to myself "Thank you for - then list everything I'm grateful for as each thought comes to mind, for example a roof over my head, a warm bead to sleep in, a fridge full of fresh and delicious food, the understanding I have gained in life and my open mind and heart, the ability to learn as much as I can in this lifetime ..." These are just some examples of my own thoughts, and everyone's life is very unique. Perhaps you would like to spend a few moments at some time and list everything in your life you are grateful for, and see yourself smiling as they come to mind.

As a world population we have the potential to change all our relationships and allow love and harmony to be our foundation with everyone in every moment of every day, listening twice as much as we speak and using supportive words of understanding, love and kindness in all our communications and healthy pro-active discussions. I believe no one person will change the world. It will be all of us together as we create our individual pebble in the pond effect within our circles, thereby creating our universal tsunami of unconditional love.

I am so grateful to BE at this point of inner peace and contentment in my life, which has led me to my transformative work and life purpose which I really treasure. I truly love all the people, inspiration and experiences that I have met along "The Way" as a catalyst for my own life choices in making me me. If I've already met you and we've shared time and conversations in this life, thanks again, and thank you in advance for those I have yet to meet and be blessed with fun, laughter and experience together. LOVE is an essential oil which smooths the path of life and can soothe and heal any situation, so use it with an abundance of gratitude on any of life's experiences and choose the easy golden pathway into the future - eternity into beyond!

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