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The Power Of Colour in Feng Shui Article

I have had many amazing experiences with colour in my life, which on reflection have gifted me many insights into my work a Feng Shui Consultant. I remember staying in a hotel room which was painted a very dirty dark yellow, and not feeling at all peaceful or relaxed!! In my innocence when I first moved into my home it was painted a magnolia off white colour throughout, which was fashionable at the time. This mirrored my plain magnolia lifestyle with not much happening! Also the conservatory was painted an "apple white" which gave the white a green tinge, as I thought this would reflect the green colour of the garden. Again a very uninspiring and bland choice!! Then as I became more aware of the energy of colour and more in attunement with my home, one day I was inspired to paint the conservatory the brightest sunshine yellow you have ever seen. My goodness what a difference it made to ALL aspects of my life, and it was the space for one of the very best New Year's Eve parties ever, and I remember the next morning scrapping the remains of party poppers off the floor as they had been ground into the carpet tiles with all the dancing!

I recently had a client who had used a lot of dark grey colour in her home decor, and sadly she was experiencing depression. I advised her the colour grey has been greatly discussed at Feng Shui Society meetings amongst the registered consultant members and we are all greatly concerned. It has recently been fashionable to use this colour in decor, and the natural energy of grey is linked to grey days and heavy energy. We feel it has been the catalyst for increased levels of depression within society, as the effect of this colour can lead people to go within their caves and lack clarity, become increasingly uncommunicative and sad, and have behavioural issues. Although it was a massive job for her to change I strongly recommended she consider redecorating a different colour, such as a bright sunshine yellow which is a colour of joy and happiness, as a catalyst to help invite warmth, fun and laughter back into her home and life.

Guidelines On The General Energy Of Colour

When introducing colour into your home, the MOST important questions to ask yourself are; "What is my favourite colour", and "How comfortable do I feel when surrounded by (or are wearing) certain colours?" Your intuition is the best personal tool you have to define your feelings and emotion, and if you feel a colour supports your natural energy. You can also look at the use of the room in question to help set the mood to create the best environment possible. As colours are linked to your chakras, and you bring all the colours of the rainbow into your life, you will find you are naturally more creative and balanced with a greater zest and energy for life. Below are some general guidelines of the energy of different colours to help you with your choices:

RED: Shades of red are linked to the Base chakra, and are a powerful colour to gift passion, energy, drive, excitement and strength in life. Be aware not to use too much or you may burn out.

DARK RED: This is the colour of the already successful and gifts feelings of achievement and confidence.

PINK: The colour of love, femininity and warmth.

ORANGE: Linked to the Sacral chakra this is a prime communication and mediation colour, and gifts creativity and enthusiasm to help birth new ideas.

YELLOW: Linked to the Solar Plexus chakra this colour stimulates the logical left side of the brain and is good for passing on factual information and promotes the intellect. It is also a great choice to help create positive conversation, sociability, family harmony, joy, happiness, energy and inspiration.

LIGHT GREEN: Shades of green are linked to the Heart chakra. Lighter shades represent new ideas, a fresh approach and fast and rapid growth as a mirror of nature's spring time.

DARK GREEN: Denotes long nurtured traditions, and gifts stability, strength, longevity, reliability and reassurance as a mirror of a mature oak tree.

BLUE: Shades of blue are linked to the Throat chakra and lighter blue is a good choice to encourage communication, peace, relaxation, tranquillity, serenity and calm.

DARK BLUE: Good for safety, security, authority, integrity and trust.

TURQUOISE: A joyful happy high vibrational colour, fun and uplifting.

INDIGO: Linked to the Third Eye chakra, this colour of the midnight sky will help to enhance your intuition and inner knowing.

PURPLE: Linked to the Crown chakra which has the potential to unite Body and Soul. This is a good choice to promote creativity, innovation, vision, authenticity, truth and for bringing ideas to fruition.

LILAC: Promotes spiritual healing and psychic awareness.

WHITE: This colour reflects the virginal state and is good to support a new beginning as it is clean and clear cut with no emotional baggage. It reflects light and energy, sets an example and represents goodness, innocence and purity.

SILVER: A high vibrational colour linked to the feminine and promotes your spiritual growth.

GOLD: A high vibrational colour linked to the masculine and promotes abundance, wealth and plenty in life.

BROWN: Good for grounding and stability in life, representing rustic homeliness.

GREY: The colour of a cave and inclement weather. This choice can lead to depression, a lack of clarity, and a heavy feeling of being in fog and not being able to see the way forward in life.

BLACK: This colour absorbs information, and can lead you into a black hole and depression.

I recently penned this little poem to remind us of the importance of surrounding ourselves with colour in life:
ALWAYS remember
COLOUR is SO very important in life
The more RAINBOW you have around you
The more VARIETY you invite
As your home is a mirror of you, changing your colour scheme can reflect a change in your life, and you can also review your clothes. In my old life my wardrobe housed mainly black and dark blue clothing as I was programmed and conditioned to live in the corporate world. These days there are mostly very light shades with a few colours, and I dress to please myself. With the decor in my home I have used different shades of a colour. For instance the long wall in my lounge has a mottled effect deep coral, with mottled peach on the other walls and a white ceiling. In my conservatory and adjoining kitchen area which brings an abundance of natural light to my home, I have a primrose ceiling, with bright sunshine yellow on the shorter walls and soft mango on the larger wall areas. For me this gives depth and helps to enlarge my space. I absolutely LOVE my beautiful multicoloured home. I recommend you follow your Heart with your colour choices and ensure you feel happy and at peace, as often a major redecoration is a big decision and investment. These days my home overflows with a warmth of colour as a welcome haven, and every time I open my front door my main thought is: "I LOVE my home, thank you, thank you, thank you". I wish you the rainbow in life to join your own Heaven and Earth. Have fun in your new interior!

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